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Project Finance

Hedge Funds, Private Equity firms, Investment Banks, ECA’s and Family Wealth Offices provide the majority of our project financing capital and debt facilities. LIBOR + 3-5% with 20% CCG are standard requirements for our DCM infrastructure project financing platforms. Halston Capital also works with numerous global banks to provide SBLC project financing structures. Please contact us to discuss the projects and sectors that qualify.


Halston Capital specialises in the assessment, advisory and implementation of optimal funding structures for early to mid-stage infrastructure projects through Government PPP and Sovereign Guarantee funding structures.

Emerging Growth Nations

Halston Capital specialise in funding structures in regions where geopolitical or sovereign risk may be accentuated. Our capital providers understand the intricacies of sovereign risk and specialise in mitigating risk with "in country" technical, legal and commercial advisors who assist our clients to achieve optimal results.

Corporate Advisory

Upon successful project and client assessment and due diligence, we provide key introductions of our clients projects to our existing network of global investment banking and project finance specialists. ECM/DCM financial models are structured, and funding is realised through one or more of our many capital providers.